Citing and referencing: web sites and media that are social

Citing and referencing: web sites and media that are social

Web sites and social media marketing

Information from internet sites and media that are socialincluding blog sites, newsgroups, on the web forums, Twitter and Facebook)


  • A document on line ( maybe perhaps not an article that is journal may also be a online Word or .pdf file, offered by an internet site or webpage. It could add federal government magazines, curriculum documents and policy papers. A document on the net is referenced differently to a web site (see below).
  • Italicise the title of a standalone document discovered on the internet. Don’t italicise the games of websites or sites.
  • Utilize the 12 months of book, or if perhaps the foundation undergoes regular modification make use of the most current improvement.
  • Utilize n.d. (no date) where no book date can be obtained.
  • Where no writer is present, move the organisation behind the internet site, or the name, to your writer space.
  • For forums articles consist of exact date of posting.
  • Whenever citing a website that is entire page and never any document in specific or paraphrasing or direct quoting through the page/site it really is enough to offer the address associated with the site within the text (no guide list entry is necessary).
  • For more info see Simple tips to cite one thing you available on an internet site in APA design including how to handle it if information is lacking.
  •” is an automatic citation generator for Twitter developed by Ben Hedlund. (Citation seems both in APA and MLA design)

Document on line

Huges, L., & McMichael, T. (2011). The decade that is critcal Climate change and wellness.

Mansai, G. (2014). Dehydration (children): dental rehydration solution Evidence summary.

Note: this exemplory case of the Joanna Briggs document is also addressed being an authored report from a non-government organization should you want to add more specific information on the foundation.

structure Author, A. A. & Author, B. B. (of publication) year. Title of work. Retrieved from Address

Anderson, L. (2012). Why interaction into the medical occupation is very important.

Web site without any writer

Format Author, A. A. & Author, B. B. (of publication) year. Title of work. Retrieved from Address

Title of organization in complete. (12 months of publication). russian dating Title of work. Retrieved from Address

Title of web page or document. (of publication) year. Retrieved from Address

Australian Emotional Society. (2010). Bushfire resources: Psychological recovery and preparedness.

A pedagogy of paying attention. (2011).

Image on the internet


Sievers, W. (1966). Monash University Photograph.

Format Artist name that is last initial. (year). Title of work Format. Retrieved from Address

On line forum, conversation team, or post

Chee, C. (2010, January 10). Probably the most essential therapy article regarding the twenty-first century: The U.S. is not discovering just just how mental infection works, it is distributing it worldwide Web we we we blog post. Retrieved from http//

Social media marketing:

    On the web posts from social media marketing such as for example Facebook and Twitter aren’t cons >Twitter

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Structure Author, A. A. (12 Months, Month Time). Title of post description of form. Retrieved from